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A Piece of Neighborhood Soul in Kreuzberg, Berlin

This picture was taken within a plaza at the helm of Kreuzberg, Berlin, which is one of the most multicultural neighborhoods in Europe. This statue stands at the epicenter of a major community meeting place where many cultures, thoughts, ideas, and…

A pinch of salt and imagination

I was holding the dried out agar plate in my hand, wondering what I am looking at. These beautiful self-organized fractals changed shape in front of my eyes. I could imagine the salt deposits as a starry night, a mysterious garden, or white…

A Plethora of T cells Activated by Drug-Encapsulated Liposomes in a Tumor-Draining Lymph Node of a Mouse

This is an image of a very thin section of a tumor-draining lymph node of a mouse. It is stained for nuclei of cells (the blue stain) and for specific T cells (the red stain). The lab that I work in seeks to understand how to best manipulate the…

A Rather Good T-Shirt

What is complexity? A complex shape or complex data might be organized across many scales, perhaps
with larger structures repeated at smaller scales, as in fractals. Or it may have order hidden within apparent
randomness - a chaotic system. A…

A Turbulent Atmosphere

The averaged Navier-Stokes equations that describe turbulent flows are not fully closed which makes computer simulations of high speed and fully turbulent flows very difficult. Experiments remain the gold standard for characterizing and understanding…

A Woman Works Alone

Trends in a landscapes agricultural transformation can be viewed in single moment when themes collide in a photo. This image captures such an instance: In the foreground a
woman leaves a wake behind her as she performs the tedious work of hand…


Siebel_Marissa Brooke.jpg
On October 13th, 2013 University of Illinois wheelchair racers Kelsey LeFevour and Raymond Martin crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon. Although Kelsey and Raymond are seasoned wheelchair racers neither won the marathon that day. This…

Active Aging: Physical Activity Research in Motion

The image pictured represents a kinesiology and community health based research initiative Abuelas en Action. Under a promotora model, research participants were able to engage in physical activity opportunities within their built environment and…

All Wired Up

This selfie shows undergraduate research assistant, Alexander Senetar, wired up in a state of the art, new technology created at the University of Illinois called EROS (Event-Related Optical Signaling). EROS provides high accuracy and precision in…

Alone: a study of injured athletes

Shortly before this self-portrait was taken, my doctor had pointed to a glowing white line on the x-ray of my right foot, and I watched as my chances of qualifying for the conference track and field meet slipped right through that crack in my fourth…