From the New World


From the New World


When Antonin Dvok came to America and composed "Symphony No. 9, From the New World", he said that he would not have completed it if he had not seen America and not heard of American music. The desolate prairie that is the most boring part of the country to some, inspired him to tell listeners about a phrase of vast open space, while Native American melodies that are outside the mainstream music stroked the masterpiece softly.
He found new possibilities from ordinary things to launch the New World Symphony, and my research is similar to the work he did. I am investigating ways of using a smartphone to open a new world of experimental paradigm. For me, a smartphone is a powerful tool to develop novel portable and inexpensive research platforms, while for others it is a device to call or
to google. The smartphone-based platform can detect signals, process data, and display results, as traditional instruments do. For example, as shown in the image, fluorescence can be excited and processed by a smartphone integrated with an optomechanical attachment. The smartphone-based platform would replace the laboratory instruments in near future. A
new world is right in front of us.


Hojeong Yu




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