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  • Collection: Undergraduate Contestants 2016

CLARITY IHC image of half a coronal mouse midbrain slice for characterizing the distribution of three distinct isoforms of TCF7L2

This image shows the right half of a 200 um thick mouse brain slice, which is rendered transparent with CLARITY technique for IHC and then imaged on the 5x objective of a Zeiss LSM 710. This novel technique removed the lipid content yet retained the…

Counter Rotating Vortices

A common method to enhance convective heat transfer is to utilize vortex-generating compact slender structures. When a vortex generator is placed in the streamwise direction of a flowing fluid, a pressure drop develops between the mean flow of the…

The Octopus: Eight Arms or Eight Minds?

Octopuses expertly coordinate eight arms that contain as much as two-thirds of their entire nervous system. In fact, the arms are very sensitive and are capable of distinguishing between different textures in their environment. Our research aims to…

Integration of III-V Lasers Onto Si

Pakeltis_ Grace.jpg
The image submitted is a modified SEM image of a III-V laser that is integrated onto a Si wafer. By integrating lasers onto Si, we are able to increasing the speed of integrated circuits. Full integration is difficult because lasers cannot be grown…

2-Dimensional Multiple Phase Transitions in Long Range First Passage Percolation

This image was generated to show the 2 dimension case of Multiple Phase Transitions in Long Range First Passage Percolation, which is a random process on a complete graph. The growth of in the percolation can be seen as an infection, whose behavior…

Crush Testing a Microvascular Carbon Fiber Composite

The image shows a self-supporting corrugated sample of a Microvascular Carbon Fiber Composite undergoing compressive testing on an Inston. Using the load cell data and crush videos, we measure the Specific Energy Absorption (SEA) of the sample to…