Graduate Contestants 2015


The images in this collection include all of the students who entered in the Graduate Image of Research contest of 2015.


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Close Friends Think Alike
Social networking has become an important part of people's life. The type of information each person receives everyday highly depends on what their friends shared. When people are asked to express their opinions on some issues, it is very likely that…

Shaggy mane mushroom near Matawai, New Zealand
My dissertation research project is a systematic study of the fungal class Geoglossomycetes. These fungi are found worldwide and are especially diverse and understudied in New Zealand. In 2013 I received a Dissertation Travel Grant from the Graduate…

Infinite Chain
This image depicts an infinite PdPt bimetallic chain discovered in my research. This infinite chain structure is based on a new motif with alternatively connected
Pd4(CO)4(OAc)4 paddlewheel molecules and Pt(acac)2 square-planar molecules. In this…
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