Undergraduate Contestants 2014


The images in this collection include all of the students who entered in the Undergraduate Image of Research contest of 2014.


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Reading Physiological Signals from Faces
My research is on non-contact heart rate detection using temporal analysis of face video captured by ubiquitous RGB webcams. The cyclical movement of blood causes the color variations on the face, and the pulse via abdominal aorta andthe carotid…

Elegant Elongation
Planarians are freshwater flatworms that possess remarkable regenerative abilities, and are able to regenerate whole animals from small tissue fragments. My research in the Newmark lab is focused on identifying genes that play a role in the…

Hartig's Net
This image depicts the root tip of a turkish hazelnut plant. My research investigates the impact different hazelnut genotype groups had on the mycorrhizae that colonized their root systems. To confirm colonization and type of mycorrhizal infection,…
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